USP® was founded with a sole purpose to spread positivity and empower every individual to lead a life that he/she wants. USP® helps individuals understand the engineering of the mind and empowers them to achieve what they want. It teaches the technique to discover & fulfill one's inner potential by transforming one's thoughts. Because, IT ALL BEGINS IN ‘THOUGHT’.

USP® was founded by Mr. Ujjwal Uke, the driving force behind the institute that urges individuals to not just dream but also implement the techniques to make every dream a reality.

our leader

Ujjwal Uke is a former IAS, an economics graduate & MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. With 39 years of solid experience serving the nation through the IAS, he coined the idea of USP (Ujjwal’s System of Productivity) after thoroughly observing & studying the human psyche and finding possible ways to surpass complications of life. He has also been awarded the prestigious Mother Teresa Memorial Award, for his selfless contribution to the society. Ujjwal Uke along with his team has proven to influence more than 12, 000 lives and still chases to make the country a peaceful, healthy and a happy place.


To transform 5, 00, 000
lives by 2023.

  • Happiness
  • Peace of Mind
  • Good Health
  • Freedom

Mr. Ujjwal Uke,
Former IAS www.ujjwaluke.com


(2 Day Workshop)

The course will consist of 2 days of dedicated transformation program that will introduce you to the tools that are required to strategize your life. Discover the strength within to achieve success, good health, overcome obstacles and create your own happy & peaceful life.

  • 2 days of transformation program at the centre
  • 40 Minutes of one-on-one session
  • Tasks given will be monitored by the trainer for 3 weeks

Advance Course will guide you to a deeper understanding of the power of your mind. The strategies taught in this course will help you to create your own tools to solve your problems. Advance Course can be attended only after the completion of the foundation course. Minimum 6 months hiatus is required to join the advance course after the completion of foundation course.


The program opens new avenues to think, to grow and to conquer your life because your life is in your control.

  •  New perspective of looking at life
  •  Build confidence
  •  Shows you the path that leads to success
  •  Positive approach towards life
  •  Understand the power of your mind
  •  Carve your own destiny
  •  Channelize your life
  •  Know your self-worth
  •  Rebuild your inner health


The programs are targeted to everyone and anyone who wishes to succeed in their life. Be it growing financially, nurturing personal relationships or wanting a steady career growth, you can channelize your success and transform your life.

  •  Entrepreneurs
  •  Working Professionals
  •  Small Business Owners
  •  Students
  •  Housewives
  •  Corporates
  •  CEOs, CFOs & other top level management mavericks


  • Mindfulness is the key to good emotional health and good emotional health leads to productivity in both professional and personal endeavours. Regret, guilt and anger are the demons within refrain you from achieving good emotional health. Quite obvious, isn't it? But some obvious information isn’t of much help unless you work on it with persistence. USP enables you with easy techniques backed by an interesting frame of reference of a blend of science as well as mythology that we can easily relate to. Harnessing your "subconscious" can produce astonishing results and to test that I would strongly recommend USP MAHOPEKSHA course to everyone for an emotionally fulfilling life.

    - Mr. Sachin Patil ICICI- Mumbai

  • The 2-day USP workshop ignited a ray of supreme hope. I am, perhaps, left with absolute clarity of thoughts and the purpose of life, after Mr. Ujjwal shared his profound knowledge, real life experiences and insightful theories. It was as if I was looking at myself in the mirror, realizing self-worth, potential and the art of carving my way ahead. The mentors took an individualized approach to transfer their share of wisdom and understanding with the world for each of us to evolve into being productive & happy in life. I would strongly recommend applying the techniques of USP for mind-mastery and to live the kind of life you have always desired.

    - Vaidehi Thakkar Copywriter

  • To all,
    Deep gratitude to all the team members of USP. Thank you everyone. I do not know where to start from because the list is long. I have learnt so many things, so much to implement and so much to carry forward in my life of my loved ones and to the world. I would really pray and wish that this information and knowledge that I have gained is spread to all.

    - Seema Garg

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