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Ujjwal's system of productivity


Successful Organisation

About Successful Organisation

Optimize human potential to optimize organizational potential...

They say it’s a cut-throat world out there. But why should it always be about the promotion you didn’t get, or the raise you were expecting but things didn’t go your way. Everything in life has to run its course, at USP™ we help you deal with these situations.

We understand that every corporate is essentially a group of individuals gather for a single cause. But, along the way individual priorities may take centre stage affecting the productivity of the entire team. USP™ Successful Organization Workshop helps eliminate such situations by not just looking at the symptoms of the problem, but the root cause – that is your perception of the problem.

By making real-life references and instances mentioned in the old scriptures, we encourage to change your outlook on work situations. Success is a by-product of an individual’s vision that can stretch to encompass larger picture and simultaneously is capable of focusing of details. USP™ changes an individual’s approach towards his work and contribution to his organization by ensuring he is calm, composed and happy.

Benefits for organization:

  • Diversion of energies towards cooperation
  • Increased individual and group productivity
  • Improved work relationships
  • Increased retention of employees
  • Motivated and proactive employees
  • Focus of organizational goals
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  1. Easy Understanding
  2. Introduction to various states of mind through mythology
  3. Purpose of Conscious (Intelligence) and sub-conscious (Imagination)
  4. Relationship between Conscious and sub-conscious
  1. Introduction to Mind Software
  2. Logic of Mind Software
  3. Self-Configuration (Self-Worth)
  4. Third party configuration (Value-Belief)
  1. Fear
  2. Disease
  3. Resistance to Change

How to De-fragment the mind?

  1. ‘USP™ Forgiveness Technique
  2. ‘USP™ Self-Forgiveness
  1. New code language for mind-software
  2. New Syntax of ordering a subconscious mind
  3. Using your sub-conscious mind to build better & stronger relationships with people.
  4. New program for peak performance and success