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About Boot-Camp


Key to productive thinking is knowing that we all have equal intelligence. Trust in our own ability.

‘Reengineering’ means engineering something anew to optimise its function. We are born with a mind like a brand new computer, only understanding machine level language. Over the years through observation and imitation; thanks to our mirror neurons, our mind starts programming itself based on all the information that is taken in. Hence programs formed this way are not entirely in our control. At least not until now. So here’s a deal. Just like in your computer; you can install, uninstall and repair the programs of your mind. Not only that, you can get rid of the bad sectors and viruses too.

How do you know which program to install, which program to uninstall or which program to repair? This is where USP™ helps you.

USP™ helps you understand the basic biology concerned with the functioning of your mind, both at a conscious and a subconscious level. It looks at the logical sequencing of the thoughts and reality, delves into topics such as evolution, quantum physics, memetic resonance, all to bring you freedom, good health, happiness and peace.

The workshop deciphers the meaning of complex concepts and breaks them down in simple, easily understandable language. And in doing so, it opens your world to the power of your sub-conscious mind, helping you to command it to meet your goals.

Dates: 13th - 14th May (Sat and Sun)
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Admission Fees: INR 5500 + 15% Service Tax

The fees include: 2 days training session, breakfast, lunch, Tea/Coffee, Self Introspection Manual for usage after the workshop, 90 mins of personalized counseling session, handholding for 4 weeks after counseling.

Venue: B/506, Teerth Technospace, Mumbai-Bengaluru Highway, Baner, Pune 411045.


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  1. Introduction to Conscious & Sub-conscious mind
  2. Purpose of Conscious and Sub-conscious
  3. Relationship
  1. Easy Understanding
  2. Introduction to various states of mind through mythology
  3. Purpose of Conscious (Intelligence) and sub-conscious (Imagination)
  4. Relationship between Conscious and sub-conscious
  1. Introduction to Mind Software
  2. Logic of Mind Software
  3. Self-Configuration (Self-Worth)
  4. Third party configuration (Value-Belief)
  1. Fear
  2. Disease
  3. Resistance to Change

How to De-fragment the mind?

  1. ‘USP™ Forgiveness Technique
  2. ‘USP™ Self-Forgiveness
  1. New code language for mind-software
  2. New Syntax of ordering a subconscious mind
  3. Using your sub-conscious mind to build better & stronger relationships with people.
  4. New program for peak performance and success