About Us


Touchbeam Enlightenment Systems Pvt. Ltd. (TESPL) was established in 2008 by Ujjwal Narayan Uke. A platform to educate people about their human potential and facilitate transcendence in thought through a system called USP™.

‘Why do people behave the way they do?’ was his favourite question and a dear topic. Being an avid reader and thinker he studied Human mind extensively. In Narlai, on a vacation with family and friends, when asked ‘Why do people behave the way they do?’ it all started. He spoke for 3 days explaining how the mind works covering topics right from biology, evolution, mythology, positivity, world wide web, economics, quantum physics, to forgiveness…thus giving birth to USP™, Ujjwals System of Productivity.

The Ujjwal’s System of Productivity – USP™, was developed as a ‘toolkit’ for mind re-engineering workshops that are organised for individuals and organisations.USP™ seeks to make an individual autonomous and self-sufficient in the journey of self-growth.

In the last 8 years since inception TESPL has conducted more than 150 interactive sessions ofUSP™ and more than 4000 participants are now part of USP family.



USP’s Mind Re-engineering solutions aim at teaching techniques that re-engineer the mind to get best results.

Everyone is aware of the biology of the body, but we hardly know the biology of the mind. But the fact is that humans are a highly sophisticated engine with the combination of mind and body.

So our vision is to create peaceful, healthy, happy, and free homo sapiens, living in harmony with nature.

The unique technique of USP™ uses qualitative methods to reach within & touch the core of humans.

It enables each person to come to terms with his reality & then to detoxify himself. It enables him not only to identify his strength & weaknesses but also to use the technique to improve on them. In the USP™ workshop, we focus on the power of the sub-conscious mind, and more importantly on how to use this power. We believe, that understanding the biology of the mind, is the starting point. The intention is to remove the mystery, and mumbo-jumbo. This helps us explain the evolution, and the logic behind the working of this power, scientifically.

The motive of the USP™ technique, is to change the default setting of our thought process to positive to obtain desired results.

The side effects of this technique are,

  • Clarity in thinking
  • Increased self-worth
  • Increase in compassion
  • Peacefulness in mind
  • Willingness to change
  • Inflation in constructive thinking.
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Our Vision

Peaceful, healthy, happy, and free individuals, living in harmony with nature.

Our Mission

To enable maximum number of people to understand, and use the “Ujjwal’s System of Productivity” (USP™)


Because USP™ is a unique system in its theory and application our trainers can only be those who are a product of USP™. Not surprisingly all the trainers and counselors have once been only participants of the workshop. All come from various educational and professional backgrounds. Having applied USP™ in various aspects of life successfully and having a sole motto of spreading USP™ qualifies them to be excellent trainers and counsellors. It is a great pride to have produced quality trainers and counsellors that are a product of our own system.


Amarendra Joshi: USP™ Trainer and Counsellor, B.E. Civil

Amarendra Joshi is an established commercial interior designer from Pune. He is associated with USP™ for the last 6 years. Amarendra is an excellent counsellor and has made his mark in health counselling, helping many participants overcome chronic diseases.


Sandhya Nagarkar: USP™ Trainer and Counsellor, Master in Social Work, Bachelors in Home Science

Sandhya Nagarkar is a working as a CDPO in the Department of Women and Child Development for 20 years. She has closely worked with international organizations like UNICEF. She is responsible for initiating and conducting the USP™ workshops in Marathi and is associated with USP™ as a trainer and counsellor for the last 6 years.


Rahul Pawar: USP™ Trainer and Counsellor, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, MBA Project Management.

Rahul Pawar is an entrepreneur working in the field of commercial interior designing and also an actor and performer. He is associated with USP™ as a trainer for the last 5 years. Rahul has made a mark as an excellent trainer and delivers the content with depth and connects with the participants with ease.


Shreya Kulkarni: USP™ Trainer and Counsellor, BA Honours in Psychology

Shreya Kulkarni has worked in software and insurance industries previously and is now associated with USP™ as a Trainer and Counsellor for 6 years. Shreya is a compassionate counsellor.